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ICDE Warszawska Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki jest jedyną polską uczelnią będącą członkiem International Council for Distance Education.

(Warsaw School of Computer Science is the only Polish higher education institution to be a member of ICDE)

ICDE Profile

International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) is recognized by the United Nations (UNESCO), and serves as the Global Umbrella Membership Organization in Online, Flexible and Blended Learning, including e-learning and distance education.

We provide a global network for the institutions around the world that are involved in this field and are members of ICDE. An important aim of ICDE is to promote intercultural co-operation and understanding through flexible and online learning throughout the world.

Established in 1938, ICDE's Permanent Secretariat is in Oslo, Norway, hosted by this country on a permanent basis since 1988.

ICDE derives its position as the global membership organisation for flexible learning and teaching from:

  • The unique knowledge and experience of its members throughout the world;
  • Expertise derived from this in development and use of new methodologoies and emerging technologies;
  • Its status within UNESCO as the NGO with Formal Consulative Relations in distance and online education.

International Recognition

ICDE is recognised by the United Nations, and serves as the global non-governmental organisation responsible for the field of open and distance learning, and is affiliated with the United Nations through UNESCO. ICDE is also an affiliate member of South East Asian Ministers of Education Organisation (SEAMEO) and a World Bank partner organisation.

In 2003 ICDE signed an agreement with the OAS/OEA (Organsiation of American States/Organizaciön de Estados Americanos) on capacity development of human resources throughout the Americas, through which OAS/OEA and ICDE will cooperate throughout the continent on development of capacity in distance and flexible learning.

ICDE has also participated in several EC (European Commission) supported projects, facilitating and fostering the establishment of educational institutions and networks beyond Europe.


In the years ahead the ICDE will be engaged in several main fields of action:

  • To promote quality in distance, flexible and ICT-based education around the world;
  • To work with member institutions, partners and the United Nations as well as professionals around the world to develop capacity in higher distance, flexible and ICT-based education;
  • To organise meetings and conferences around the world that focus on educational development and cooperation in and for the Information society;
  • To promote multiculturalism in the provision of virtual learning;
  • To work with governments, IGOs and the education sector to develop efficient and high quality education systems for the information society


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